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To help make recovery a reality.

Wandi Nerida is a 13-bed private hospital facility that operates under a residential model of care for the treatment of those affected by eating disorders.  It is owned and operated by the Butterfly Foundation and provides a safe, nurturing and healing environment for those most in need, delivering concentrated, person-centred treatment.

Wandi Nerida provides a bridge between hospital admission and outpatient care to provide an opportunity for a more intensive psychological recovery, finding the ‘healthy self’ amidst the eating disorder.


Provide a therapeutic space to change the experience of those affected by eating disorders by engaging participants and making recovery reality.

About Us

Wandi Nerida is identified as a hospital setting but is more akin to a residential facility, fostering a motivational approach to recovery in a nurturing and home-like environment.

For Participants

Our program is individually tailored to your unique needs and experiences.

For Participants

Our program is individually tailored to your unique needs and experiences.


For Referrers

Begin the referral process for your patient.


The meaning behind Wandi Nerida

We are located on Kabi Kabi country in the Sunshine Coast. We are thankful for the involvement of local elders, who came to the facility and offered insight into the traditional culture and stories of the region. In doing so, the elders gifted us with the name Wandi Nerida, which means “gather together to blossom”. This is how a local elder explained its meaning to us:

The meaning behind this name comes from a small insect that was very unhappy within itself.

All it wanted to do, was break free and live a life worth living.

It knew, that if it stayed the way it was, then one day someone would come along and squash it into the ground and it would be nothing but a worthless downtrodden squashed bug.

So in all its wisdom, it isolated itself in a cone, drawing strength from itself to become a new creation so it could fly off and explore the many different levels in life.

Reasoning behind, why there’s so many beautiful butterflies in the world today, flying around exploring the many new heights in life.

Could this be you?

Acknowledgement to Country

We acknowledge the Kabi Kabi people who are the traditional custodians of the land upon which our facility is built and pay respects to Elders past, present and future. Wandi Nerida hopes to continue the connection with land and people.

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228 Old Gympie Road
Mooloolah Valley QLD 4553


(07) 2103 4680