The Wandi Nerida Experience

Located in a beautiful bushland setting, Wandi Nerida provides evidence-based therapies with complimentary and holistic approaches to help make eating disorder recovery a reality. Here we explore what sets Wandi apart from other treatment facilities.

A typical day at Wandi Nerida

Tenae is a graduated participant of Wandi Nerida. In this video, she discusses what a normal day looks like at Wandi, what it was like when she first arrived, how the supplementary therapies at Wandi supported her recovery and her advice for prospective participants.

What to expect with Wandi Nerida’s Model of Care

Dr Carly Roukus, Clinical Lead at Wandi Nerida, explains the B-FREEDT Model of Care, including our treatments and therapies, staff expertise and training, and how Wandi uses a multidisciplinary approach.


Brian Mayahle, Chief Executive Officer of Wandi Nerida, explains what makes Wandi a special place and why we believe everyone can recover from an eating disorder. This video also discusses the clinical governance model and what makes Wandi Nerida different to other treatment facilities.

Wandi’s Home-Like Environment

Danielle Doughtery, Operations Director at Wandi Nerida, shares how Wandi’s home-like environment can support recovery. This video also touches on the admissions process and considerations, what’s involved in the weekly clinical program and Wandi Nerida’s success rate and clinical evaluations


Join Mollie as she takes us on a tour of Wandi Nerida – Australia’s first residential treatment centre for eating disorders.


In June 2022, Wandi Nerida won the coveted Award for Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety from the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards. The Award for Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety recognises innovation and demonstrated quality improvement in the delivery of safe, effective patient care.